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Become a Pilgrim!


Prepare yourself spiritually for this journey. Pray that our Holy Family open your heart and mind to allow the Holy Spirit to enrich your experience, your life, and deepen your faith. It is during a pilgrimage where we learn so much about ourselves and are able to come home as faithful Christians.


Pray the rosary, attend mass and go to confession. Maintain an open mindset and break free of any misconceptions or expectations and you will experience a pilgrimage with the heart of a young child in wonder when experiencing new things.

A Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey meant to bring you closer to your faith, creating a deeper understanding of God’s love for all. Expect to be on your feet every day, walking, praying, singing and of course, sightseeing!

Let go of your day-to-day and focus

Don't Rush

We want you to have an awakening of spirit, a rejuvenation of faith and the peace and grace of the Holy Spirit with you when you travel with us. We will not rush our Pilgrims through the song and dance rhetoric of a ‘typical tour’ where you listen to someone tell you about the construction dates and time period related to the various chapels, shrines, and historical sites all while driving by in a bus as quickly as possible. This is a pilgrimage, a time for you to reflect, grow closer to your faith, learn and appreciate history. Our guides, and the local guides absolutely share a wealth of knowledge with you, but still we will have time for ourselves, time to pray and reflect, and of course, time to go out on your own if you like. We will provide an exclusive experience with your friends, family and fellow parishioners. We celebrate Holy Mass every day in the very chapels or holy places we are visiting. This truly is the encounter of a lifetime.

Tour vs Vacation vs Pilgrimage

On a Tour, you go to see places. On a Vacation, you go to get away and relax. On a Pilgrimage, you go to come closer to God, to your faith, to learn and reflect. You will become a real Pilgrim when you are able to let go of your busy life and take the time to experience beautiful places with new friends and fellow parishioners while allowing God into your heart, to hear His call for us to become faithful followers of Christ. Jesus gave His mortal life for us, now is our opportunity to allow a few days to reflect and grow closer to Him.

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