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People trust us year after year

Not only because we offer outstanding service

We are not just a ‘company’

We are a family company

And we take care of you like family

Every time you trust us

See what people are saying about us!

“I started in a vacation mindset, but it was a true pilgrimage”- Peter Strzepa

“A wonderful experience and faith filled joy spiritually” – Rev. A. Peter Gregory

“Thank you for the very special moments we were able to experience. They will live in my heart forever”- Joan Gruszkowski

“It was an awesome trip, thank you!” – Laura Fitzell

“This was an awesome pilgrimage, Loved it all. I’m hoping I can get on another pilgrimage with you one day!” –Sharon Roulier, Host of Real to Reel

  ‘It was truly the trip of a lifetime’ –Linda McDonough

‘Best pilgrimage that I have ever been on! Excellent, Well Planned’ –Arlene McCauley

‘Mark, The entire trip was flawless from start to finish. You were an excellent host’ – Jack and Mary Devlin

‘This trip was truly a pilgrimage for me. I learned to trust in God and be open to God on this pilgrimage’ – Anonymous

‘For me, this was a ‘trip of a lifetime’. Reading the bible used to be a struggle for me, but now that I have tested and seen the Holy Land, the pages of Scripture just come to life – Thank you John Paul Tours!’ – Richard Boissonneault

‘Trip of a lifetime. Couldn’t have been better. You’re the best. Hope I can travel with you again!’-Rev. Ron Labarre

‘I feel homesick for the Holy Land every day!’ –Ernest Menard

‘Mark you went above and beyond making sure we were happy. Looking forward to next year’s trip!’ – Dianne Jandreau

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